Swissway GmbH operates successfully in various different business sectors: building (Mobilhouse), interior design (office furniture, contracts), home entertainment design (Blumont) and nautical.
All the activities are developed in a manner that ensures they can operate individually, or in synergy with the others, in order to guarantee the Clients an all-inclusive service.

Mobil House

Swissway GmbH has designed this type of modular wooden structure, adapted for commercial or residential purposes, which makes it possible to obtain original and stable earthquake-proof buildings that offer high performance levels in terms of energy sustainability in a short time and with certain and low costs.


Swissway GmbH, in partnership with Swissway Srl and Ecor, designs and creates top-quality components for the international nautical sector. From retracting hydraulic gangways to tender lifts and aerial support systems, every product is produced in AISI 316 stainless steel and made to measure for the Client.


The Swissway GmbH designers study dedicated furniture solutions for individual offices, commercial franchises, hotels, receptions, meeting rooms, laboratories and so on.
The Client receives products that are created ad hoc with top-quality materials, with the use of innovative technologies that respect the environment.